Vista del salone di rappresentanza

The settings and furnishings


The museum building, inhabited until 1962 by the last De Simoni heir, still has some well-preserved original rooms.

The main hall, furnished with pieces from the collection, is still used today for weddings and concerts, taking us back to the times when it was the scene of parties and balls.
On the second floor, the kitchen retains the hearth (with grill and food warmer), as well as the stove and the sink. It has been set up with original furnishings and objects (the sideboard, the plate rack and the crate where flour, plates, pots and pans and various other equipment was stored).

The bedroom has been reconstructed in the sc'tua, complete with a carved wooden bed with painted religious bas-reliefs, a cradle, chest of drawers and kneeler for evening prayers. Various objects including a bed warmer, a jug and a basin complete the furnishings.
The seventeenth-century chapel of the building dedicated to Our Lady of Good Counsel is also well preserved. It can be accessed both from outside, via the courtyard in front of the building, and from inside, via a steep staircase. The De Simoni's could also attend functions through an internal window that overlooks the small nave.


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