Ancona del XV sec., particolare

The works of art


Wooden sculptures, altars and altarpieces, paintings and portraits, objects of sacred art, furniture and furnishings all testify to the cultural wealth of the area. The works preserved in the museum from churches and noble palaces in Bormio, present us with the idea of a sensitive and refined society.

The collections offer works by local artists, mostly trained in artisan workshops, who, thanks to their innate talent, managed to emerge and establish themselves in the Bormio area, expressing strong emotions through their creations.
The works of "foreign" artists are interesting, recognizable and appreciable for their different styles, in particular the Lombard-Venetian style and that from beyond the Alps. The geographical position of Bormio has always favoured commercial relations and naturally cultural exchanges that Bormio has always welcomed and valued.

The museum preserves some particularly rare and precious works of art, including a detached fresco from the 12th century depicting St. Cecilia (one of the oldest in Valtellina), a refined carved and painted fifteenth century altarpiece and a canvas by Francesco Hayez.

Contemporary art, a more recent acquisition, is present in the museum in the form of plaster casts and bronze statues by Gianluigi Giudici and the graphic works of Luigi Castiglioni.


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